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COVID-19 and the Impact on Marriages


In this unprecedented time that we are facing, COVID-19 has put a strain on marriage. As a result of many layoffs, redundancies, salary cuts, couples have been hit hard and become stressed out and financially insecure. In Hong Kong and other countries, lawyers have seen an increase in divorce inquiries, since the onset of the pandemic.


No matter how painful the decision meant for you and your spouse to separate and end the marriage, you might reach a point where you need good legal advice. 


There is a myriad of questions that might come to mind, when you start looking for a divorce lawyer that best suits your needs. It is equally important to know how to choose a divorce lawyer who will guide you throughout the divorce process.

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Filipino Lawyer in Hong Kong


Jaerey Velasco, a Filipino lawyer qualified in Hong Kong, is a Partner at Payne Velasco. Payne Velasco is a leading specialist litigation law firm in Hong Kong with over 60 years of combined litigation experience.


The firm’s work in the family and matrimonial area is led by Jaerey and she is one of the leading partners in Hong Kong in this field. She advises and represents clients on all aspects of matrimonial and family law, including:-


  • Divorce

  • Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements

  • Child custody, care and control, and access arrangements

  • Enforcement and variation of care and control, and access arrangements

  • International relocation of the children

  • Applications for temporary removal of the children from Hong Kong

  • Ancillary relief applications relating to interim maintenance, litigation funding, spousal maintenance, and child maintenance

  • Enforcement and variation of spousal and child maintenance orders

  • Division of matrimonial assets and financial settlements between the parties which involves family trusts


Jaerey has been on the Executive Committee of the Hong Kong Family Law Association since 2017 and the Executive Committee of the Hong Kong Collaborative Practice Group since 2019. Recent recognitions of her exceptional market standing include winning ‘Leading Family Law Attorney of the Year, Hong Kong’ at the 2019 Acquisition International Leading Advisor Awards.


If you have any questions regarding the above, do not hesitate to reach out to Jaerey Velasco at or call at +852 2527 9538.

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